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About Us

From a chance encounter comes the wish for a new challenge, putting together stories and diverse skills to create and promote, as ambassadors, innovative and fashionable products that reflect all the charm and excellence of Neapolitan tradition.

We are an Italian company with a strong sartorial tradition which makes of the research and service its own philosophy . By re-elaboration of old concepts, new products come to life: jersey lisle shirts, exclusive fabrics, special work and treatment process.

We create shirts and accessories, entirely thought and realized inside our company. Our clients are sophisticated and demanding, we serve them on formal and casual occasion.

We offer a huge range of models which are integrated and innovated every year and a large selection of fabrics always in line with seasonal trend. Our products are distributed, through our agents or our showroom, to luxury multi-brand boutiques and department store.


In the Naples of 1700 a young, posh and handsome man, was walking around the city, through alleys and streets… via Caracciolo, Posillipo, Mergellina. Although the winsome smile and the confident attitude, was his elegance to fascinate people: the refined jacket, the shirt with its precious buttons, the perfectly sewed trousers… it was charm, pure charm! Young ladies, simple people and even some jealous men staring him admired Who was he?

He was Giangi, a young heir of a noble family who, satisfied of his “big Tour” around the Europe, had just come back home, to enjoy the mild climate and to “sort out” his wardrobe: from the evening dress to the hunting one, many different suits to show his elegance in every social occasion Which town, in fact, if not his enchanted Naples, could provide for him everything an elegant man needs?

Today, as in the past, Giangi still enchants with his manners and his way of being. No, it is not a ghost, it is a realty, born as a case and as a challenge.

When the strength of ideas and hard working meet, like the ancient Arabian phoenix, Giangi rises itself from the ashes of a not so remote past, and his dream comes true bring his culture to new lands which can appreciate the kindness and the charm of those who are masters of their own professions.

Therefore a new label is born based on excellence, refinement and Neapolitan bon ton, combined with the taste for innovation and research.

Giulio Picone

In the ‘20s, while d’Annunzio is appealing Europe with his dandysm,the town of Naples gives life to a “place” where the good taste, the research of details and male refinement find their natural combination.

It was born the shop “Picone”. It is the “place” for the man who does not like confusing the clamour for the fashion with the fair charm of smartness.

When the researchand the conceptof excellence are uncommon, Picone boasts excellent Italian fabrics, fantastic items, a selection of unusual accessories and luxury embellishments from allover the world, offered in a warm environment, framed in handcraft mahogany and proposed with the typical discretion and elegance of Neapolitan “bon ton”.

The war, the after-war, the rebuilding of a devastated town by the mythical “four days”, the lost of everything… Nothing stops who, now rich only of his name, has a dream to keep on.

In this way the name “Picone” goes onto be a reference for the town , thanks to the works of the heirs.

Generations succeed till the intuition of one of the children of that respectable family: not more the world in Naples but… Naples in the world.
A new dream and a new challenge: to become the ambassador of your own tradition respecting the other cultures.

Giuseppe e Antonio Provenzale

Pietro Provenzale was born in Casalnuovo of Naples in 1938 in a tailors family (father, granfather, brothers), more than a job it is a family passion.

Are necessary years of hard work to obtain appreciable results, but this does not scare the young Pietro, who, at the same time , works in the workshop and studies achieving the graduation in cutting at the prestigious “Scuola Capparelli” in 1962.

After the meeting with Filomena Affinito, pretty and expert shirtmaker… they get married and the family grows up.

By the time, thanks to the great skill of the couple and renowned clients, succeed and notoriety, increase day by day.

The sons, Giuseppe and Antonio, at coming of age, decide to use and improve the experience of their parents. Under the watchful eye and the expert guidance of Pietro and Filomena, the guys take a professional route of highest level, long and hard, but very rewarding.

With the experience gained and the innovative vision, the two brothers start a slow change of their family tailor’s workshop, which becomes a modern and efficient factory with all the most modern tools but faithful to the canons of excellence typical of Neapolitan tailoring.