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The Giangi SS21 collection tells of a summer of the 1950s on the Amalfi coast, an emotional journey through narrow streets, courtyards and colors, typical of the local villages, a path that winds its sheer drop over the sea surrounded by lush and benevolent nature.

The protagonists are therefore the nuances of the sea, the colors of the Mediterranean scrub, the shades of the villages: from the natural sand to the blue of the sea, from the white/chalk of the houses to the yellow of the lemons, from the rosy reds of the bougainvillea to the green of the terraces. All declined in natural, eco-sustainable and techno-performing materials.

A rich and articulated collection which, placing the accent on the various souls of men’s shirts, combines timeless classic models with highly contemporary garments.

Fresh fabrics, made in models with soft and comfortable shapes, a flower bowling shirts, standing and botton down collars, the “work Jacket” in cotton/linen canvas, shirt/non-shirt with a versatile spirit; but also super technical products such as the wool/linen shirt, or the “flexi”, particularly dynamic and current.


Everything is inspired by a new concept of life aimed at enhancing the concept of man in peace with himself and with the world.