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Paraphrasing Sartre: “imagination at power”, the strenght of ideas cannot be curbed…. a new challenge was born, the woman’s cut.

As a matter of fact, we could not miss the right choice to complete what for us is not just fashion, but a way of living. Our shirt cut wears the woman according to her seducing female charm, never boasted off.

Monnalisa, Sofia, Betty, Anita …. the names of our cuts; each of them represents different sides of the present refined woman from Naples, who looks at the future, aware of her own traditions; perfectly at her ease from the warm sun of Capri to the fashion show in Milan, from the peaks of St. Moritz to Paris Opera, from London city to New York parks.

When our woman wears the blouse, she takes delight, noticing in the mirror, her shape exalted by the perfection of propotions and by the attention to the details. She delights for the freshness and silken feeling on her skin given by our wonderful fabric so she is ready to face the world.